Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today, as I was standing in my kitchen cooking dinner, I decided that I was too hungry to wait the 20-30 minutes that dinner would be ready, and went to grab a cookie. Knowing that if I went into the living room with a cookie, my husband would be upset if I didn't offer him one. So I shouted into the living room "Do you want a cookie?"

He replied "no," but at that moment, as I said the last "-ie" of cookie, Cay-- who this morning at the dog park wouldn't come to me no matter how much I cajoled-- burst into the kitchen and looked at me expectantly.

You might think that this is perfectly normal dog behavior, but the fact stands that neither my husband nor I refer to dog treats as cookies. We love and refer to cookies too much in our household to allow the puppy that kind of confusion in life. But now I'm beginning to think it came pre-hardwired in his brain.

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